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 updated 3/8/17

We are expecting 3 litters of Munchkins between now and April 1 2017  Colors expected are Torties, chocolate, Chocolate/white, Black and White Tuxedo’s, and cream points.

If you are not on our waiting list be sure to contact me by email and I can ad you.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Flash!!Flash!!!flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Our Black Silver shaded with white Minuet LilDarlynns Kid Silverrado is a D.Gr. Champion!!!!

Minuet For Sale ShortFootFalls Baileys Comet DOB 5/18/16 She has been shown and the judges Loved Her!!     $  2,500

!!!!Flash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FLASH!!!!!!!!!!!!FLASH!!!!!!!!!We have some very nice older kittens for sale. See page for older kittens (all sold)

 We have some older kittens for sale. Check out for sale page.

If you would like to reserve a kitten from a certain breeding let me know.and I can put you on the waiting list. NO deposits are accepted till the kitten is born. My Munchkins start at 1250.00 and go up according to or if it is a show prospect or pet.

Minuets are priced accordingly also.I have other queens to add but want to take some better pic first.

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AMAZINGMUNCHKINS  Has changed their name to ShortFootFalls Cattery. (Someone else owns the name of Amazing) and we have moved to Eastern Wa. 16 miles N. Of Spokane Wa. We returned to a home we own here. We will return often to the west side for Cat shows and to visit friends in western Wa state. We are trying to promote our two breeds and hope to get more of them at the shows. We attended our Regional cat show and Banquet in Sept/16. Had a great time and learned alot. We now have  Reg Munchkin queens and a new Reg Munchkin Male and a new  Minuet male.

Please visit our Queen page and our Kings page’s for pictures and pedigrees on our beautiful amazing cats. 














Amazing no name yet

Lil’Darlynns Amazing Kid Silverado DOB 10/21/15