Dunkin is a very sweet cat and throws his temperment to his kittens. Very loving kind boy.

Name RW SGC Littlebeans Carbon Deluxe aka “Dunkin” standard Munchkin

Black & White Long Hair

TICA Reg. SBV 080508 044

Father: RugRunners Whyle Coyote

Mother: BlueBonet S Purple Sage Of Littlebeans

( DNA test- Carries point, cinnamon, dilute )


Dunkin isn’t with us yet. He has some work to do at his current home at the Reo-Ranch. After he is done there he will be joining us here at Amazing Munchkins in Bremerton WA. We look forward to having kittens sired by the beautiful boy.


Pedigree of “Littlebeans Carbon Deluxe “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Rugrunners Whyle Coyote, MNL n 21 33 86, 9/28/07, US/US

 Shortnaps Sir Shorty of Rugrunners, MNS n 23 87, 4/4/06, US/US  Gentilbelle Prince Harry, MNS ns 21 33 87, 6/7/03, US/US
Gentilbelle Bobbe Catt, MNL n 09 23, 4/27/01, US/US
Rugrunners Destine to Rein, MNL n 09 33, US/US  Rubyslipper Nibbler of Rugrunners, MNS b, US/US
 Nala Bean, MNS n 09 21 33, US/US

Bluebonnet S Purple Sage, MNS n 09 87, US/US

RW QGC Bluebonnet Hershey Kiss, MNS o 09, US/US  Chocolatefactry Flamestar, MNS d 33, US/US
 Chocolatefactry Sassy Kat, MNS n 09, US/US
Chocolatefactry Sassy Kat,

MNS n 09, US/US

 Manawyddan Captain Solo, MNS a 09, 12/1/95, US/US
 Choo Choo, MNS b 09, 8/15/97, US/US