UPDATED 9/18/17

The kittens on this page are available. I try to take the ones sold off as soon  as possible, but at times it might take me a day or two after sold.

Beautiful Solid blue female standard. 125.00 does not have showable numbers.

Some standard kittens have showable TICA numbers some do not. But they can be breeders or excellent pets. Pls inquire if looking to show.

Standard short haired calico tortie tabby 1250.00

Standard short hair tortie




All of our kittens come with two baby kitten shots, multiple worming and a flea treatment if needed. I bathe the kittens early on and trim nails so they will be used to being bathed or some will and others will hate baths forever!!  We spend a lot of time with the babies so they will be friendly, and used to people. We have dogs so they are used to being around them large and small.  

I am now a field rep for Lifes Abundance Dog and Cat food. Food that I consider one of the best pet food to feed your pets. I send new kitten buyers enough food for 5 days plus a can of LA cat food. This will last till the new buyers order comes in from LA. MY kittens are sold with a ten year guarantee if you agree to feed it Lifes Abundance cat food and purchase from web site below.  I encourage customers to continue with LA food for the life of the kitten. Easy to order at lifesabundance.com/petsdeservethebest 

 We are recommending
Dr. Elses touch of Outdoors cat litter it has really helped the kitten’s eyes stay healthy.  
It doesn’t clump as well as the Costco brand but I highly recommend it for respiratory health of all cats .(and the people who live with them too!!)

I do not have any small children but do have grand children.  Kittens may need to adjust if you have young children.

I really love using PayPal for payment of kitten.  After receiving a deposit I am able to send you an invoice using Paypal  It just makes things much easier. So if you are thinking of buying a Munchkin or Minuet kitten you can set up a Paypal account ahead of time and will be ready to go when you find the one you want.

Also please be aware of the many scammers out there. I have talked to a few buyers who paid for a kitten and never heard from seller again. You can ask for references and usually if they are on groups on Facebook for a length of  time they are legitimate breeders. Rule of thumb: If the kitten is a real good deal (cheaper then anyone else) then it’s probably a scam. Not always of course.

Enjoy the Pictures of Kittens and any questions just ask.                cherylclarkwa@gmail.com        360-633-9787