ShortFootFalls Shes’a Duncan Girl. Dam is “SGC Simplymunchkins Eva Of Rugrunners sire is ” RWSGC LittleBeans Carbon Copy Deluxe .Can’t wait to show her!!



Gi-Gi has been sold to Tina Chan of Hong Kong China. Gi Gi Reg Munchkin sold


Gi Gi Reg Munchkin sold to Tina Chan Hong Kong China











Amazing Asia Star is a Non-standard  Calico daughter of RW SGC Littlebeans Carbon Copy Deluxe and SGC Somply Munchkins Eva Of Rugrunners she is bred and due May 29.2016 She is bred to SGC Duncan . Her standard Kittens are considered for show first then pets.1,200 and up

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Asian Star


Asian Star


















Pedigree of “Reorughuggers Amazing Asia Star “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

RW SSG Littlebeans Carbon Copy Deluxe


SGC Munchkins Eva Of Rugrunners


Shortnaps Sir Shorty of Rugrunners, MNS n 23 87, 4/4/06, US/US  Gentilbelle Prince Harry, MNS ns 21 33 87, 6/7/03, US/US
  Gentilbelle Bobbe Catt, MNL n 09 23, 4/27/01, US/US
 Rugrunners Diamond, MN n 09 33, US/US No information in the database
Berrypatches of Rugrunners, XSH f 33, 7/10/05