Reg Name  Simply Munchkin Eva of Rugrunners

Call Name


Standard Seal Smoked Tortie Point

Short Hair

Tica Reg. SBV 031009 033

Mother: Musicmaker of SimplyMunchkins

Father: Mackscats Keeblers Elf


SGC Simply Munchkin Eva at Rugrunners   Eva is bred to SGC Dunkin and is due May 20 2016 Her kittens will be sold private treaty to show homes or kept here.

SGC Munchkin “Eva”


Eva’s kittens are here! pic soon. Selling to show homes first. SGC Simply Munchkin Eva of Rugrunners

eva award 2

eva award 1


Pedigree of “Simply Munchkin Eva of Rugrunners “

Parents GrandParents GreatGrandParents

Mackscats Keeblers Elf, MNS e 33 87, US/US

Munchkinlane Keebler, MNS b 87, 1/1/03, US/US  Tuxntails Willie Wonka, MNL a 09, 6/25/00, US/US
 Munchkinlane Godiva Chocolates, MNS b, 3/7/02, US/US
Munchkinlane Miss Teak, MNS f 33 87, 3/13/04, US/US Munchkinlane sj sinbad, MNS b, 7/13/02, US/US
CH Munchkinlane Ruby Guilliani, MNS q, 9/11/02, US/US

Musicmaker of SimplyMunchkins


Shortnaps Sir Shorty of Rugrunners, MNS n 23 87, 4/4/06, US/US Gentilbelle Prince Harry, MNS ns 21 33 87, 6/7/03, US/US
 Gentilbelle Bobbe Catt, MNL n 09 23, 4/27/01, US/US
 Rugrunners Diamond, MN n 09 33, US/US  No information in the database
 Berrypatches of Rugrunners, XSH f 33, 7/10/05

Stinkerbell is a unreg munchkin . She has had her kittens on 5/22-16 Beautiful colors. Orange and white spotted. gray and white spotted. Dilute tortie,  All Standards !post pic soon